Important Tips to Keep Your Vehicle Safe Against Thieves

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Today, vehicle thieves have gotten smart and have discovered many technological ways to steal any vehicle. And according to a government survey, the number of stolen vehicles has increased by 50% in the past 5 years.

So how can you protect yourself from falling victim to car theft? Take care of the safety of your car and take preventive measures to keep it safe.

These are the most important things you can do to keep your car safe from theft.

6 ways to keep your car secure

How do you protect yourself from being a victim of car theft? Be vigilant when insuring your car and take preventative measures to keep your car safe.

Here are 6 ways you can protect your car from theft.

  • Always Lock Your Car.

It may seem like a no-brainer, but how many times have you sat in your car outside a supermarket and watched someone jump out of your car without bothering to lock it?

Die-hard car thieves likely aren’t lurking around waiting for people to break into the store, but leaving your car door unlocked — and most importantly, open — is a solid invite for an opportunist.

  • Remove Your Keys From Vehicle

Never leave your keys in the ignition. If your key is in the car, a thief can just break a window and drive away.

And if you leave the keys in cars without a door handle, it will be difficult for you to open the car door. Because there is no door handle and you have to break it to unlock it.

  • Beware of keyless theft

If you have a car with keyless entry and ignition, you could be vulnerable to “keyless car theft”, sometimes referred to as “relay theft”.

This is where thieves use digital devices to pick up the signal from your car’s key fob and “transmit” it to the car, which is then unlocked and allowed to drive away.

These criminals are part of organized gangs and lurk with their devices. try to intercept the signal.

  • Hide valuables

It is best to avoid storing valuables in the car, but occasionally when necessary, cover them with a blanket or towel, or put them in the trunk.

Place small valuables on the center console or in the glove compartment. Having visible valuables in your vehicle dramatically increases the chances that a thief will target your car.

  • Use Parking garage

Parking on the street is the most vulnerable place. If you are uncomfortable with on-street parking, use a parking lot instead. Even being safer in a parking lot doesn’t mean you are invulnerable.

In fact, quite a few travelers are being ripped off by shop staff everywhere. Remove or block all really juicy items: GPS devices, accessories for your phone

  • Buy Smart.

We’re not going to suggest that you purposely choose to buy a junk car just to make it one less target for thieves, but you do need to consider what to buy.

Some cars are inevitably a bigger target than others. So, if you regularly park your car in a shady area of ​​town, owning a sports or luxury car may not be a good idea.

  • Install a Tracking System

You may want to consider installing a tracking system, which may also be called a vehicle recovery system.

If your car is stolen, this tracking system uses radio and/or GPS technology to send a signal to the police or monitoring service for your vehicle’s location.


These tips should go a long way towards keeping you and your vehicle safe and healthy. It is always a good idea to consider safety when purchasing a vehicle.

When buying a car, truck, SUV, or minivan, ask dealers to show you cars that have the latest anti-theft technology on one of the models.




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Locar Deals

Locar Deals

Locar Deals is an automobile blog that delivers its readers the latest updates and news related to cars.

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