How To Take Care Of Your Car’s Panoramic Sunroof?

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The automobile industry is continuous under progress. With every new launch, we see some new additions. Some come & go, while some make quite an impression on the people, that they tend to stay longer than anticipated.

Having cars with panoramic sunroofs is the latest trend that doesn’t seem to go anywhere anytime soon.

A panoramic sunroof or moonroof helps you bring the outside in with the single push of a button and help you have a good driving experience.

Thus, it is understandable that cars with panoramic sunroof in 2021 are growing in popularity. One can see many new vehicles sporting this high-end feature to attract customers.

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Why There Is Need To Take Care Of My Car’s Sunroof?

If you own one of the cars with a panoramic sunroof, then you understand how it can make your driving experience pleasurable.

But to make sure you enjoy this pleasure and bliss for a longer run, you need to understand that, like any other part of your car, the panoramic sunroof also needs regular maintenance.

  • Without proper attention and care, your sunroof is more likely to leak or even break down.
  • It will cost you a lot to have your sunroof or moonroof fixed.
  • The fixation is time-consuming, so you might have to keep your car at the mechanic for quite some time.
  • If your cars with panoramic roofs have the damaged roof, it will hurt the interior of your car.
  • The interior of your car can get ruined by the extreme heat, rain, and other vigorous weather conditions that tend to occur.

Thus, you need to take care of your sunroof to protect your entire ride.

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Tips To Take Care Of Your Car’s Panoramic Sunroof:

Sunroof vs Moonroof, which is better, is a debate that will never have an ultimate winner. Both have their unique features & both help you enjoy your ride with natural bliss.

People who own or are looking for cars with panoramic sunroof for sale, need to know how to take care of their vehicle’s sunroof before purchasing.

Below we have some helpful tips that can help you maintain the panoramic sunroof of your car.

  1. Cleaning Products

The first thing you need to take care of for managing your cars with a panoramic sunroof is the cleaning products.

Do not use the regular ones without thinking about the consequences. Sunroofs are delicate. Thus never use ammonia-based products to clean them.

This is because ammonia will cause streaking on the glass. Not only this, the residual ammonia on your roof can react in sunlight, making the air for you toxic.

2. Wash & Vacuum

On a daily basis, you can work with a quick wash. However, to make sure your panoramic sunroof functions for the long term, you need to adopt the deep cleaning method.

  • Use a vacuum cleaner to clean all the dust & debris off the roof.
  • Use exclusive automotive cleaning products to wash the visible areas of the sunroof.
  • Avoid the usage of ammonia-based products.
  • For areas that are hard to reach, like track and slides, use a small brush to get access.

3. Lubrication

To ensure that all the moving parts of your car’s panoramic sunroof are working well, you need to lubricate each one of them.

Try using heat-resistant grease. A few drops of the lubricant will be enough to ensure the track & slides are properly greased.

4. Annual Check up

As it is said, prevention is better than cure, the same goes in the case of your car. To make sure you do not end with sudden chaos with your sunroof, it is better to have a preventative option.

Schedule an annual check up to ensure that all the parts of your panoramic roof are working properly.

If you live in an area with extreme weather conditions, make your annual check up a monthly thing.

Have it deep cleaned, clear tubes, and pat it dry.

5. Professional Help

The final thing is seeking professional help. The ways explained above will help you maintain your cars with a panoramic sunroof.

However, every once in a while you do need professional help. If you find your sunroof leaking, making unexpected noise, or seizing, it is better to have it checked by auto experts.

Any delay can lead to bigger issues and costlier repairs. Not only this, any serious issue with your glass roof will create havoc for your vehicle’s interior as well.

Thus, it is better to have it checked by professionals on a regular basis.


Cars with panoramic sunroof are the new trend that everyone wants to follow. But with the trend comes the responsibilities that you should be aware of.

We hope our tips for maintaining your car’s panoramic roof will help you in the best way possible.



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