8 Best Looking Cars Decoration Ideas For A Memorable Wedding

First car ride as the newly married couple holds a big value, which is why people invest big on the best looking cars.

Staring the new phase of life is something everyone looks up to and that’s why they make sure everything is magical and special as per the occasion.

Having one of the best-looking cars to drive away from as the newlyweds is not enough. You need to show some creativity and love to make your ride look like it belongs to a new happy married couple.

To make sure your getaway ride gives these kinds of vibes to the passer-by’s, Locar Deals have some of the best car decorations ideas that sure will make your wedding memorable.

The tradition of decorating the wedding ride has been going on for ages. Generally, it is the responsibility of the groomsmen to decorate the vehicle, but if you have hired a wedding planner, you can leave the task to them.

Just because you have hired professionals for your wedding, it doesn’t mean you cannot intervene and present your ideas. It is your special day so you should have everything that you have ever desired.

Today we have some of the top car decoration ideas that indeed will make your getaway moment memorable and leave your guests in complete aw.

So without wasting any time, let us get started.

8 Best Looking Cars Decoration Ideas For A Memorable Wedding:

Wedding is one of the most crucial and most awaited moments of a person’s life. Finding someone special to spend the rest of your life together is priceless. Thus, this moment deserved every bit of hype you desire.

Several elements in the wedding need a touch of uniqueness, and one such element is your ride away chariot, also known as your car.

Sometimes begin the best-looking car doesn’t help much. You have to make some updates to live up to the spirit of the occasion.

Below we have some beautiful car decoration ideas that sure will give your wedding day an unforgettable ending.

  1. Flower Garland

The first idea that we would like you to try is a flower garland. You can drape a greenery garland across the trunk of your ride. To make it fancier, you can add a set of flowers to both ends of the garland.

Make sure you use the flowers that complement the green colour of the garland. This is an ideal design if you are looking for something classic but with a hint of twist.

This sure will enhance the beauty of your special ride.

2. Tin Cans

If you are a movie lover and classic Hollywood weddings have been your forte, then decorating your vehicle with tin cans is something you should go for.

This classic wedding car decoration is iconic. As you roll through the streets with several tin cans trailing behind you, you sure will make the people’s heads turn.

Using tin cans might seem an easy task, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to work. Use good quality empty cans with labels removed.

If you have time, you can decorate them with paint or decorative papers to give festive look. Lastly, use strong strings to attach the can to your car’s bumper.

3. Fabric Sign

If you have chosen a white car as your getaway ride, then fabric design decoration is the ideal one for it.

The red colour pops amazingly against the white colour of a car. Thus using a good red colour fabric is a good idea.

When red colour fabric meets the gold calligraphy along with some floral design, you have a complete look for elegance with a modern touch.

4. Wreath

Another oldie but goody that still works like a magic for weddings is a wreath. Using a floral wreath on your wedding car is chic and timeless.

You can easily go for the simple wreath look that gives the subtly at its best. But if you want to give it a personal touch, you can use some colourful ribbons to match your happy vibes.

5. Laser Cut Sign

The next idea to decorate your best-looking cars is the laser cut sign. A Laser-cut sign is something that will go well with any type of car or wedding style.

Imagine a gold laser cut sign that says “Just Married” will seal the moment forever in your happy ride. To make it more beautiful, you can pair the sing with garlands or oversized tassels.

If you are feeling countryside vibes, you can use this style with a vintage pickup truck to get that rustic chic vibe.

6. Ribbons & Flowers

If you and your partner follow in the category of a playful couple who are cheerful and fun to be around, our suggestion of ribbons and bright flowers is for you.

Keeping the colour of your car in mind, choose the flowers and ribbons that will complement it. For example, a combination of yellow ad rink roses will go well with a white car.

Decorate the flowers in a straight line or any style of your choice on the bumper of your car.

Finish the look by adding those ribbons. You can leave the trails of the ribbons over the bumper to give a wavy effect.

7. Balloons

Well, balloons are the perfect synonym for fun and happiness. You can use letter balloons to spell out the fun message you want and place it on your car’s back bumper.

You can spell out Just married, or she said yes, or I do, or Cheers, and more quirky expressions for people to read and be happy for you.

8. Greenery Garland

If you are someone who doesn’t like to make much of a fuss about anything and like things to be minimal and down to earth, then this idea of using greenery garland is for you.

It doesn’t matter what your wedding style is, a simple greenery garland will give an effortless look to your getaway vehicle.


Wedding is one of the most lovable moments you will come across in your life so you must make it as much memorable as you can.

Small gestures and things are what make moments close to the heart. Paying attention to things like the decoration of your getaway car is crucial.

We have listed some of the best decoration ideas for your best-looking cars for the big day. You can present your preference to your wedding planner or family so that they can take care of the matter.

How do you feel about our suggestions? Please tell us in the comments below.